Muzocean: Epitomizes the vastness and diversity of the global music landscape

Discover Muzocean, a dynamic band whose name beautifully merges 'music' and 'ocean' to reflect the vast and varied depths of the music world.

Muzocean epitomizes the vastness and diversity of the global music landscape, much like the endless ocean. The name Muzocean combines ‘music’ and ‘ocean’ to symbolize a boundless exploration of sound and culture. As a band, Muzocean delves into the cultural richness of India, showcasing the intricate folk traditions of its various states.

Beyond national borders, we integrate international genres such as jazz and blues, creating a vibrant fusion that resonates with a global audience. Our band is comprised of skilled artists: Madhurjya Barthakur, Rajib Karmakar, Subhasish Bhawal, Nilanjan Pathak, Anubhuti Kakoty, and Emon Goswami. Together, we strive to blend our diverse musical backgrounds, crafting performances that not only entertain but also educate and inspire. Join us on a musical voyage with Muzocean, where every note is a drop in the vast ocean of music.