Rajib Karmakar Delhi to Damascus University of Berkley Sandeep Das and Hum Ensemble
Rajib Karmakar at University of Berkley with Delhi to Damascus tour

Delhi to Damascus” is a unique musical project where Rajib Karmakar along with other musicians blends the rich cultural traditions of Indian and Middle Eastern music, creating an enthralling fusion of sounds. Spearheaded by innovative musicians, this collaboration aims to bridge the gap between diverse musical landscapes, exploring the intricate rhythms and melodies that define each region. The project not only highlights the universal language of music but also celebrates the harmony found in diversity. This fusion opens up new realms of auditory exploration, making “Delhi to Damascus” a must-experience phenomenon for music lovers seeking a truly global sound.


Rajib Karmakar sitarrajib playing with Karmetik Orchestra Dr. Ajay Kapur REDCAT Los Angeles
Rajib Karmakar performing with Karmetik Orchestra at REDCAT, Los Angeles

The KARMETIK Orchestra is a groundbreaking ensemble that merges the realms of technology and traditional music to create a unique auditory experience. This innovative orchestra utilizes robotic instruments alongside human performers, embodying the fusion of modern tech with classical and world music traditions. Their performances showcase a compelling blend of creativity and engineering, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected in a musical performance. Perfect for audiences seeking a novel and engaging musical experience, the Karmetik Orchestra exemplifies the future of music.


Rajib Karmakar with Dhara World Music and a woman in a pink dress dancing on a stage with musicians Joshua Tree Music Festival California
Rajib Karmakar with Dhara World music Joshua Tree Music Festival, California

Dhara World Music is an ensemble that blends traditional sounds from various global music traditions with contemporary influences to create a rich, eclectic sound. Their music is a fusion of Eastern and Western musical styles, featuring instruments like the sitar, tabla, drums, vibraphone and bass alongside Jazz elements. Dhara World Music is renowned for its innovative approach to music, aiming to foster cultural connections and showcase the universality of music. This group’s dynamic performances make it a beacon for fans of world music and new sonic adventures.


Rajib Karmakar Wahh World Fusion Band Straz Performing Arts Center Florida
Rajib Karmakar performing with Wahh World Fusion Band Straz Performing Arts Center, Florida

WAHH World Fusion is a dynamic ensemble that masterfully combines the traditional music of India with elements of jazz and Western fusion. Renowned for their electrifying performances, WAHH World Fusion brings together world-class musicians who experiment with different instruments and styles to create a fresh, innovative sound. Their performances are not just concerts but cultural journeys, engaging audiences deeply and delivering a powerful, rhythmic experience that transcends geographical and musical boundaries. Perfect for enthusiasts looking to explore new musical landscapes and experience the energy of global harmony.


Rajib Karmakar sitarrajib  with Flamenco India Texas
Rajib Karmakar after performance with Flamenco India in Houston, Texas

Flamenco India is an innovative musical project that melds the fiery passion of Spanish flamenco with the intricate rhythms of Indian classical music. This fusion creates a unique and vibrant sound that captivates audiences, celebrating the cultural richness of both traditions. Featuring a blend of flamenco guitar, Indian tablas, and other traditional instruments, Flamenco India offers an enthralling experience that pushes the boundaries of musical genres, making it a standout choice for those seeking a truly transcendent musical journey.


ASAAN rajib karmakar wedding musicians for hire musicians for hire los angeles las vegas
Rajib Karmakar with Asaan at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Asaan is a versatile live music service tailored for weddings, blending Indian Classical and contemporary styles to enhance event atmospheres. The ensemble caters to various wedding moments, from serene ceremonies with folk melodies, and traditional ragas to vibrant corporate events and receptions with popular Bollywood hits. Their musical adaptability ensures a personalized and memorable auditory experience for each event, making them a preferred choice for couples looking to add a special touch to their celebrations.